Famous for its powerful anti-ageing and hydrating properties.


New to Health & Aesthetics in 2017 a brand new, non-invasive treatment called Profhilo that is taking the beauty world by storm.
You’ve no doubt heard all about the benefits of hyaluronic acid (HA) before. Famed for its powerful anti-ageing and hydrating properties, it has become a “must-have” ingredient in many of the best modern skincare products.

  • Profhilo® is another league above. It is an injectable product, so it can deliver HA directly into the skin. However, unlike other injectables, it is the first treatment to contain only 100% pure hyaluronic acid (HA) without the use of chemical cross-linking agents (BDDE). This means, it hydrates the skin from the inside out and achieves unrivalled levels of skin-firming and hydration.

    It tightens the skin, softens fine lines and gives overall facial rejuvenation. It does not plump or add volume like fillers. Instead it restores the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid that has been lost with age and produces excellent, natural-looking results. Profhilo® won the most innovative new treatment at the Aesthetic Awards 2016 (which are the industry equivalent of The Oscars)!

  • So what exactly is Hyaluronic Acid and why is it so beneficial?
    Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring, gel-like substance in our skin which acts like a sponge. It is holding in moisture and making our skin appear plump, smooth and hydrated. Unfortunately, as we get older the body slows down its production of this vital ingredient. This results in a visible loss of firmness, pliability and suppleness.
    So it’s no surprise that the cosmetic industry is seeking ways to replenish and restore the skin by adding hyaluronic acid to creams, serums and treatments.

  • Profhilo® usually consists of two five-minute treatments, one month apart. There are also follow up/ top-up treatments every six months, in order to maintain the results.


Treatment benefits:

Profhilo® is very versatile and can be used almost anywhere on the body. Areas where you are seeking to add lost volume and reduce “crepey-ness” are the most common ones. These include the face, neck, décolletage, upper arms, hands and lip line. There is also a specially designed 5-point pattern across the face to achieve an overall non-surgical facelift effect.

  • It stimulates the skin to produce youth-boosting collagen and elastin.
  • It enhances stem cell reproduction.
  • Lines and wrinkles appear less noticeable.
  • It can reverse the appearance of skin laxity (looseness and drooping) which tends to happen as we age.
  • The skin appears more healthy and vibrant.


Results appear usually after about four weeks and increase over time with new collagen and elastin forming. The effects are long-lasting. They typically last around 6.
As with any injectable treatment, there are minor risks, including bruising and swelling, however, these are very rare. The procedure is very quick and the needle used to administer the treatment is very fine so most patients do not feel any discomfort. Another bonus is that there is no downtime afterwards.
This means you are fine to resume your everyday activities as soon as you leave the clinic.
The treatment is suitable for anyone because it uses a substance that is naturally occurring within the skin.


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